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Hearing Aid Repair

We Offer Quality Hearing Aid Repair For Residents of Fairfield County and Surrounding Areas

Despite your best efforts, more likely than not you will eventually need repairs performed on your hearing aids. Some of the most common reasons hearings aids malfunction are:

  • Improper volume settings
  • Earwax buildup
  • Excessive moisture
  • Low usage
When using hearing aids, it’s important to have the volume set accurately for loud to soft noises. Many patients come in stating that their hearing aid is broken when all that really must be done to fix this is a test of the aid, which is then set appropriately. Earwax buildup may also effect the performance of your hearing aid. If you do not properly and regularly clean your hearing aid and/or ears, the excessive buildup could cause an impacted receiver. As for excessive moisture, it’s not uncommon to accidentally jump into the pool or shower with your hearing aids on. On top of this, profuse sweating or excessive condensation can cause water damage in your hearing aids. Lastly, it’s important to make sure you’re using your hearing aids enough! It takes, on average, six months for a person to fully acclimatize to amplification.

Precision Hearing Specialists has the fully equipped team you need to assess and repair your damaged hearing aids. Call us today to learn more about our hearing aid repair service!

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